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Despite the fact that Schumer’s much-anticipated memoir, , the Judd Apatow–directed comedy that she wrote and starred in, catapulted her to the top of Hollywood’s A-list, she is, above all else, a stand-up comic—arguably the most exciting and successful one working today.At the moment, she is in the midst of a six-week tour, filling 15,000-seat arenas, trying out new material and perfecting her act so that when she headlines Madison Square Garden for the first time, on June 23—the benchmark for any comedian who’s reached the big leagues—she will be battle-ready.I tell her about the time Rivers was on an overnight flight, and as it was about to land, the flight attendant leaned down to offer her breakfast. She is lightning fast and whip smart, a New York Jew with a copy of the tucked into her bag.Her worldview is surprisingly broad for someone who has made a career out of playing “the drunk slut” for laughs and talks about her pussy so much that anyone is now free to say that word on her network.“It’s just not my thing.” She gestures toward her yoga pants and navy-blue puffer.“I just have this sense of entitlement that I should be able to feel comfortable at all times, like I could go to bed at any moment in what I’m wearing.” Perhaps that is why she was apprehensive about the idea of being in -fitting” and cracks herself up.“I’m not going to do, like, the too-soon Prince joke,” she says.Schumer is pacing around, grazing on sliced turkey and crackers, while she and Witty reminisce. I’m just imagining you guys listening to it.” And then in a bored deadpan: “Like politicians, comedians are notoriously unstylish, mostly because caring about fashion is a give-away for taking oneself too seriously, which is totally not funny.

But it is the place one must go to if one is lucky enough or rich enough or famous enough to fly private. One night Rickles was having dinner in a swank restaurant with a pretty lady when he ran into Frank Sinatra and persuaded him to come say hello to impress his date. ” I bring this up to point out that, while the subject of much of Schumer’s stand-up material is radically, shockingly modern, in some ways she has more in common with the comics of stand-up’s golden years than she does with those of her own generation.

And that’s just the work I was around to witness.“I wouldn’t know what motivates Tina Fey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus,” says Schumer when I bring this up. “Living in New York, I don’t have to deal with that whole industry part of it. I don’t pretend to be nice.” She stares at me for a second, and you can see a punch line coming. “I think people are gravitating toward a more honest, more normal human.” has become something of a dirty word for modern-day feminists, as if a woman’s daily routine should include being eternally vigilant about whether she presents as pleasant and appealing.

“An agent called me the other day, probably to poach me, and he was like, ‘Hi! Amy Schumer is not the least bit concerned with being likable, which, oddly enough, has made millions her—although she does have more than her fair share of haters and trolls, she says, mostly men who “don’t like my disgusting feminism. I used to work for him, and I guess I shied away from him for about three or four years. “I like people who are predictable.”Just then Kim and Amy become distracted by something on Amy’s phone.

On a Thursday morning in late April, I meet Amy Schumer and her entourage in a lounge there to board Schumer’s rent-a-jet as she heads off on tour for the weekend, and as she walks through the lobby toward me to say hello—in yoga pants, a plaid flannel shirt, and an orange ski hat—her younger sister, Kim Caramele, who is trailing behind her, peels off and takes a seat on a sofa far across the room. We’re not doing an interview.” Kim walks over to introduce herself, and as she is saying hello to me, Amy says, “Shut up! Indeed, just after Joan Rivers’s death in 2014, Schumer gave a hilarious and moving speech in which she essentially said that Rivers was the reason she got into comedy.

Schumer sits down facing me and then suddenly notices her sister in self-imposed exile. “I carried her with me for as long as I can remember,” she said that night onstage, choking up.