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Sadly, we don't see many of them actually eaten by sharks.Part of the "Sharknado" fun is seeing someone like Matt Lauer or Ann Coulter disappear into a shark's mouth.

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There are a lot of cameos by the once famous, somewhat famous and not so famous.However, while Fin is heading to Vegas for a family reunion, some fun and relaxation, in the meantime, menacing clouds are beginning to form and a brand-new Sharknado is at hand.Under those circumstances, once again, Fin, his old friends and some new ones, will have to battle against threatening shark-infested cyclones, in a calamitous Sharknado Extravaganza. Christine, the red, 1958 Plymouth Fury from Stephen King's book and movie of the same name, is given to Fin by Colton (Steve Guttenberg).Additionally, the music playing when Fin and Gemma first see the car, is from Christine, and the California license plate, CQB 241, is the same as in Christine, the movie and the book.The rest of the opening credits don't appear until the 18-minute mark, where the franchise's regular title sequence is shown.But the steps that may lead to a relationship can become easier if one has certain cues that they can learn from.