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Visual basic updating an xml dataset

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I can put more examples if I know your real-world challenges with Power BI.

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Enable Events = True End Sub And then just paste the contents into Excel. Value 'update to the cell that contains HTML you want converted . tools need are regular expressions, linq, a search engine, or C# and the internet. Then search "dataset to excel without excel installed".

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Enable Events = True End Sub If the IE example doesn't work use this one. Since these methods are prone to runtime errors, but work fine after one or two tries in debug mode, you might have to tell Excel to try again if it runs into an error. I think with those terms you might be able to put it together. Reza Rad is an Author, Trainer, Speaker and DW/BI Consultant.He has a BSc in Computer engineering; he has more than 15 years’ experience in databases, programming and development mostly on Microsoft technologies.I can answer your questions along the way, that answer might help some others with similar problems as well.BI Developers and Consultants who want to know how to develop solutions with this technology. Quit End With End Sub You can copy the HTML code to the clipboard and paste special it back as Unicode text. Check out this post The relevant macro code from the post: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) Dim obj Data As Data Object Dim s HTML As String Dim s Sel Add As String Application.