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However, since the library codes don't change at all, so there is no reason to search through them every time you press 'f' in the text editor.

This will probably reduce the intellisense auto-complete response time (in a newly generated project) from 10 seconds to about 1 second if you are modifying outside of any function, or 50ms if you are within a function. Note: the file can only be found if you build engine from source, and it's in /Engine/Source/Programs/Unreal Build Tool/System/ folder Why would this work?

9other text editors- i was too noob to make it work tried to modify sublime text 3 and Atom to mimic intellisense's functionality, and some people suggested using Clang or Ctags could work, but I was simply not skilled enough to do it. And now, here I am, spent enough time to buy myself more than one licenses if I was doing my real job.

So I decided to write this post to prevent other unfortunate souls like myself to waste more time on this thing.

But in the long run, you will have better overall performance and less issues if you mirror your build system’s PCH settings here.

Even though /Yu really reduce the response time to an acceptable range, I find that even if i use pch, intellisense will still search through all the engine codes' #include paths once when i modify the actor codes.