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Financial experts claim that the current recession and slow recovery has been extremely stressful on employers and managers.This might be to blame for the upturn in people using intimidation to get better performance and more productivity from their employees.The thing is, I report to someone who yells when he’s under pressure (which is most of the time).He’s not being abusive or insulting, he’s just extremely emotional and loud. I can’t concentrate well enough to answer intelligently when someone is hollering at me.From the chopsticks in the daughter's hair, to the weird bowing thing they did before dinner, together this movie is a complete train wreck.We Asians aren't a joke, and African American people aren't either.FORTUNE — Dear Annie: My mom sent me your column about working for a manager who blames everybody else for his mistakes, but I have a somewhat different problem.

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It’s getting to be very obvious that intimidation in the workplace is a huge problem, and no one certain thing can explain why it’s becoming so much more prevalent recently.

Welcome to our Workplace Intimidation Website where we strive to bring you all the latest up to date information about what to do if you are being intimidated at work.

We know that you found this website because of what you are going through where you work. We have been there ourselves and know exactly how you feel When we use the phrase “workplace Intimidation” you should be aware that it includes a wide variety of situations in the workplace.

In the last couple of decades, the amount of workers who admit that they have been the victim of a bully at work has been steadily growing more and more.

By 2011, 50% of the people surveyed admitted to being subjected to rude behavior at a minimum of once every week which is an unprecedented increase of 25% since 1998.