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First, the main cause of the decline in the number of children in Japan is an increase in the unmarried, as I have just suggested. While married couples have indeed been having fewer children in recent years, this trend has been overshadowed by the rise in the number of people who never get married or marry late.

In the 2010 national census, the unmarried rate in the 30–34 age bracket was 47.3% for males and 34.5% for females (figure 1).

After marriage, moreover, women became able to select the option of continuing to work.

The young generation experimented with a variety of lifestyles, and many gained social acceptance.

From the start, children are not likely to be born if men and women fail to bond in couples.

As a result, having a job did not make such women financially independent, and the need for wives to depend on their husbands did not change.

This set the stage for the advent of what I have named the “parasite singles.” Accounting for the great majority of unmarried Japanese, they are young people who continue to live with their parents even after attaining adulthood.

In general, they tend not to have active sex lives.

It is important to note that a very large share of unmarried Japanese hope to get married.