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Dexter makes claims about what he does and doesn’t want and who he is and who he isn’t, but we’re meant to be suspicious and he’s perhaps not the most reliable narrator.

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Outside of plain bad timing, the reasons for the pulling from air vary, and very often reflect the particular zeitgeist at the time.

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The mountain-men-style inbred family are part Leatherface, part Frankenstein’s monster in conception, the episode uses ironic sountrack counetrpoint very effectively (a cover of Johnny Mathis’ “Wonderful, Wonderful” plays over a brutal double murder) and the bookending of the show with the live burial of a mutant baby and the discovery of its quadruple amputee mother (loosely based on an anecdote related by Charlie Chaplin) is pretty stomach-churning stuff even now.

Police have arrested a 16-year-old boy accused of kidnapping and robbing an elderly couple in Oklahoma, then fatally shooting a 44-year-old man at his home. Dave Walker says the teenager forced the elderly couple to drive to an ATM and withdraw cash Sunday, then forced the couple back to their home where he sexually assaulted the woman.

Walker says the teen, identified as 16-year-old Deonte Green then ran to a nearby home, where a woman and her two daughters were in the garage and preparing to leave.

As ever, her attempts to make things better only make everything worse, until little Ricky saves the day by playing on stage so adorably alongside his father that Alberto concedes that any woman who is the mother of such a boy has to be ok in his books. First airing in December 1956, by the early ‘60s U. relations with Cuba had deteriorated to the degree that the episode was pulled from regular rotation, and wasn’t aired again until 1967.

There are a couple of potentially political, if hardly incendiary, lines, like Lucy suggesting that her social ineptitude could spark another Spanish/American war, but overall it’s pretty much the definition of quaint and harmless, more likely now to cause offense because of its archaic presentation of gender relationships than politics.