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Cover pencils by Walter Mc Daniel, inks by John Livesay.

Dead Reckoning Part 1, script by Joe Kelly, pencils by Walter Mc Daniel, inks by Whitney Mc Farland, Alp Altiner, and John Livesay; Deadpool takes on his destined role as the Mithras by tracking down the alien monster Tiamat and engaging him in battle; Zoe realizes that DP has been predetermined to lose and tries to warn him, but Dixon pulls the plug; An injured Deadpool escapes and limps home, little knowing that a bomb has been planted in his house; Zoe races to his aid but is caught in the explosion with DP and Al; Knowing in advance of Pool's failure, Dixon calls in his second string, Captain America.

cover by pete woods & walden wong joe kelly/pete woods/walden wong T-Ray puts Deadpool and Mercedes through their paces as he reveals more details... The most shocking tidbit being that Deadpool may not be Wade Wilson? Be there as we watch the big bad betrayal drag 'Pool's life into the stinking sewer of life! Art by Gus Vasquez, Paco Diaz, Chris Di Bari, Rodney Ramos and Jon Holdredge. New writer Christopher Priest checks into the Hellhouse for a revealing tale of mercenary madness!

If you know Wade's luck, then you can probably answer that question yourself! Chapter X Verse One: Send in the Clowns - Written by Christopher Priest. It's up to the Merc with the Mouth to whip these wanna-be villains into shape, and if they fail the final they're dead meat!

So he gave Mercedes to Wade Wilson, he gave him a bright future and he gave him love..will it all be snatched away by a madman?! cover by paco diaz & john holdredge christopher priest/paco diaz/john holdredge The Taskmaster hires Deadpool to train a group of his students!

Art by David Brewer, Rodney Ramos, Larry Mahistedt and Rich Perrotta. T-Ray's been waiting for the right time to take his revenge on Deadpool, a time when it might actually mean something. But firing a death ray towards an unsuspecting Earth isn't something that S.

Cover pencils by Walter Mc Daniel, inks by Anibal Rodriguez. Win, Lose, or Draw Blood, script by Joe Kelly, pencils by Walter Mc Daniel, inks by Anibal Rodriguez and Rodney Ramos; DP runs a mission for Landau, Luckman and Lake in Greece where he catches up with his old pal, Bullseye; Ajax shows up at Hellhouse looking for Deadpool.

Cover pencils by Andy Kubert, inks by Jesse Delperdang.

Then check out the book that received this stunning review: Marvels Merc-With-A-Mouth is the star of one of the coolest, side-splittingest, drop-dead-funniest funnybooks found today.

Deadlines text article: Idelson talks about the series and a correction is made regarding the behind the scenes feature in issue #1 which includes two pages of production art from that issue. Cover pencils by Ed Mc Guinness, inks by Nathan Massengill. The Doctor is Skinned (or The End of Our First Story Arc), script by Joe Kelly, pencils by Ed Mc Guinness and Kevin Lau, inks by Nathan Massengill; With Wade cured of his debilitating condition, he is set on killing his healer and old tormentor, Killebrew, for crimes the doctor perpetrated on him in his days with the Weapon X project, but Siryn stands in the way; T-Ray continues contract killing while plotting revenge on Deadpool. Behind the Scenes article; Introduction and sketches of the new villain who will appear in Deadpool #9. Behind the Scenes: Text piece and sketch art for the giant-size story in Deadpool #11. Cover pencils by Shannon Denton, inks by Nathan Massengill. , script by Joe Kelly, pencils by Shannon Denton, inks by Nathan Massengill; Deadpool and Al spend the day at the Bay City Aquarium; The Lightning Rods (really the Great Lakes Avengers who have now become the newest subsidiary of the Thunderbolts) spend the day at the Bay City Aquarium; Mayhem ensues; Weasel arrives and tries to teleport Deadpool at the same time that Doorman is using his powers on the merc, thus sending Pool and Al spinning through time. With Great Power Comes Great Coincidence, script by Joe Kelly, Al Milgrom, and Joe Sinnot, pencils by Pete Woods and John Romita, inks by Nathan Massengill and John Romita; In the present, Weasel and the Great Lakes Avengers try to figure out how to bring DP and Al back through time; In the past, Deadpool uses his image inducer to impersonate Peter Parker (Al gets to play a very grumpy Aunt May) and try to convince a young and nerdy Weasel to fix his teleporter so he can get back to the future; Kraven the Hunter and a swinging party with Peter's pals get in the way but DP is able to manipulate Weasel into helping him, and all he has to do is wreck his buddy's life and future well being to do so; DP and Al make it back to 1997 with the timeline intact as a nervous Watcher collapses in relief.

Deadpool #11 Behind the Scenes article, pencils by Pete Woods and John Romita, inks by John Romita.

Cover pencils by Walter Mc Daniel, inks by John Livesay. Dead Reckoning Minus Two Months & Counting: Smells Like Prologue, script by Joe Kelly, pencils by Walter Mc Daniel, inks by John Livesay; Zoe tries to get DP ready to become the Mithras and battle Tiamat by setting him up with battle armor but Pool rejects the suit in favor of his own mad merc skills; Noah and Dixon have words about Monty's mind wipe; Gerry visits Doc Strange and discusses the coming conflict.

Cover pencils by Walter Mc Daniel, inks by John Livesay. Dead Reckoning Minus One Month & Counting: Great Men, script by Joe Kelly, pencils by Anthony Williams, inks by Andy Lanning; Zoe and Monty pop in on DP and Al for a surprise visit; Pool tries to visit Siryn and get a little clarity before his big role as saviour of the world but ends up fighting Cable instead; Dixon has Noah killed for asking too many questions about the Mithras Directive.