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But by then those statements had become less frequent.

About six months later, it was reported that Aamir was trying to reach out to his brother again.

This was the only time when the actor (Aamir) went against his father which led to a tiff between them!

Aamir Khan’s mother, Zeenat Hussain is a homemaker.

Aamir and his father both filed separate court applications seeking Faisal’s custody.

The court admitted both the applications and waited for medical report from JJ hospital on Faisal’s mental health.

Father: Tahir Hussain Mother: Zeenat Hussain Brother: Faisal Khan Sister: Nikhat Khan Sister: Farhat Khan Wife: Kiran Rao Ex-wife: Reena Dutta Son: Junaid Khan Daughter: Ira Khan Son: Azad Rao Khan Nephew: Imran Khan Tahir Hussain, father of Mr.

Perfectionist of Bollywood, Aamir Khan, was a film maker, producer, director, screenwriter and actor.

Though the mainstream media by then had started to withdraw from reporting about Faisal, he continued to give out statements alleging that he is normal and his brother is trying to subdue him.

The 47 year old actor (Aamir) had kept his promise he made to his mother Zeenat Hussain by taking her to the holy land of Mecca.

Even though he was busy working on his then forthcoming releases with co – stars Katrina Kaif and Abhishek Bachchan.

After seeking blessings from the almighty, Aamir geared up to promote ! He acted in few movies unlike his brother Aamir, who is a superstar!

Faisal played Shashi Kapoor’srole as a child in the film Pyaar Ka Mausam in 1969.