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BSIS., bronze, 17mm, 2.47g, SR16469 lumpy patina, VF . ROMAN EMPIRE, c.

330-346 AD, centenionalis, Siscia, officina 2, helmeted bust L, CONSTANTINOPOLIS / Victory standing L on prow, .

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Refund if sold, small refunds may be paid in stamps or credit. See if you can get your Customs people to be reasonable! 200 BC, trace of eyes, very long beak, dorsal fin, very stubby tail, bronze, 20x7.5mm, 1.28g, this appears to have been cast individually, not on a tree, SG1684 very unusual shape, VF . THRACE, OLBIA, dolphin c. Overseas shipments are at the buyer's risk unless I feel like being nice. 1000-500 BC, bowl, incised bands of decoration around outer wall near rim, silver plated bronze, 176mm dia, 105mm deep, 3mm thick, 440.6g, or could be later, all the way to Islamic, patina, VF 0. THRACE, OLBIA, dolphin c.ACE hopes that you will have the good fortune to find some of these already on the shelf in your college library.You may also be interested works listed on the "Bibliography for Younger Audiences" (ACE CD), particularly if you are in pursuit of introductory discussions of coins accompanied by lots of images. Carson (Harper Collins,) "This is not a book specifically about ancients, but it is probably the best, most accessible overview of coinage in general from the earliest days until 1962. I ACCEPT VISA/MC, AMEX, DISCOVER, also convertible banknotes. I occasionally pay 105-125% for lower values in uncirculated.