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This only confirmed their women's belief that I was not the kind, loving husband they thought I should be, and should be shown the error of my ways.When asked later Paula wouldn't say any more on the subject although I suspected they were hatching some type of plan but couldn't confirm it.They proceeded to walk all over any potential plans made for recompense by taking her out for date - supper and a movie that evening.The spat between us became a scene while cooking supper; spilling into their visit and causing fervor with all the women.

Getting all the party supplies together we had set the plan in motion for the forth Friday in July at 6 pm.The menu selections have an illustrated pictures and brief description on each scene to guide them along; starting with easier items and continuing on to more severe end dependant upon need; ending with many delicious desert options as rewards for the mistress and or the slave.As our home has most of the amenities needed via a bondage closet (not a dungeon, as my wife points out) activities often happened there, although Jill and John's home now has the beginnings of an excellent dungeon.She accidentally came upon me in self bondage on a Saturday in March and proceeded to put me through some paces of "The Male BDSM Menu" that I originally wrote as a guide for my wife.Paula has since accepted the role of Jill's subordinate to train the male slaves, John and I on the finer points of male bondage while also needing/desiring occasionally training herself.Like us, Jill and John had been involved with BDSM for quite some time with her as dominant Mistress and him as slave most of the time.