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For now, at least, I’ll keep the 920 on my primary number if only for convenience.

But I find myself turning to the 720 more and more, and when the time comes for a reset, I may bring the 720 up from the minors, so to speak.

Unfortunately, no ETA was provided, so we'll just have to wait and see how long it will take.

Hopefully HMD is one of the partners Google is working with to bring Project Treble to existing Android devices, and if so, perhaps post-Oreo updates will be even quicker.

As a more recent entry, the Lumia 720 might logically be seen as the 820’s successor (though, again, it’s not sold in the US), so while I was wondering whether it could replace the 920, a better comparison might be made with the 820. Since writing that, I’ve spent a lot of time with at least two phones in my pocket, the 720 and the 920, and sometimes a third phone, either the Lumia 820 or the Apple i Phone 5.

(That said, I do have multiple SIMs on AT&T, so this is surmountable for me, and I’ll certainly bring at least two phones when traveling.) So despite the fact that the 720 is clearly a mid-market phone, I find that it stacks up really well against the high-end 920 despite some obvious holes: half the RAM, a slower processor and, perhaps most crucially, the lack of LTE networking. If Nokia sold the Lumia 720 (with LTE) in the US, this handset would be a no-brainer: It combines everything I love about the HTC 8X with everything that’s superior about Nokia’s handsets. The 820 is a solid phone, but it isn’t comparable to the 920 overall.

(And not that you’ll need to use it a lot, but the slide-out micro-SD card tray in the 720 is far more convenient than the one in the 820.) I’d also point out that the slightly taller 720 just feels better in the hand than the stubbier 820. One might assume that you lose a few things by moving from a Lumia 920 to a Lumia 720, and while that’s true enough, picture quality, curiously, is not one of them.

You can add a clip-on wireless charging plate to the back (mine is on order), where the 820 lets you remove its back plate and replace it with a version that includes wireless charging capabilities; both options add functionality, which is good, but also a splash of color if you want since they both come in several color choices. Basically, choosing between the 720 and the 820—a theoretical argument for those of us in the US—comes down to a few issues. Second, the RAM, which is important to game players, and where the 820 comes out ahead. Indeed, I was surprised, again and again, by how frequently Lumia 720 photos were equal to or even superior in quality to those taken with the 920.

(Of course, given what I do for a living, it’s possible that a new handset will arrive to further muddy things first.) I’ve certainly been moving in that direction, and if the wireless charging add-on doesn’t add too much bulk … The Nokia Lumia 720 is a wonderful smart phone handset.

The recent Nokia-branded phones from HMD Global have been pretty popular.