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Bill Wallace was 46 when he shot dead a man named Ernest Williams during an argument over a cigarette in a Melbourne cafe in 1926.

In normal circumstances, his age alone would have been enough to deny Wallace a place on this listing. He lived on, and on, dying only after serving more than 63 years inside.

He was caught two weeks later, still wearing his victim’s old boots.

While youth and mental illness are a potent pairing, though, J-Ward records also contain a single example of a far rarer combination of circumstances: mental illness and extreme old age.

Her mother had died a couple of years after Honeck went to jail, and her widowed father sent her to Hermann to live with her grandfather, Honeck’s father, and an aunt.

In six years in Missouri, Orth recalled, “Uncle Richard’s father and sister never once mentioned him.” Interviewed again at the time of Honeck’s death, Orth said that her uncle had slowly become senile and had to be placed in care. “He decided long ago that if he had to be in prison that he would make the best of it.

Richard Honeck (1879-1976), an American murderer, served what was, at the time, the longest prison sentence ever to end in a prisoner’s release.

Further memories of J-Ward in Bill Wallace’s time are provided by the prison’s former pastor, Gordon Moyes, who visited during the 1960s, and they give some idea of the sort of conditions that the old prisoner experienced as he lived into his second century: On my first day in Ararat I was given a massive iron key to open the thick, heavy, iron and wood doors to the maximum security division to enable me to visit cell to cell the psychotic prisoners…But while his record-breaking stretch probably was unique in its day, the 64 years plus change he served has since been exceeded at least eight other cases…[1] In depth: Charles Fossard (70 years, the current world record-holder) and “Old Bill” Wallace (63 years; died, still incarcerated, aged 107) [2] In depth: The case of Paul Geidel (68 years) [3] In depth: The case of Van Dyke Grigsby (66 years and a Johnny Cash song) [4] In depth: The case of Frank Smith (67 years and the current longest-serving man) [5] In depth: The case of Howard Christensen (64 years of being obnoxious) [6] Longest spells in solitary confinement [7] State-by-state capsule studies of longest sentences served, featuring ‘Crazy Jimmie’ Williams, Leslie van Houten and the Manson Family, ‘Old Fitz’ Fitzgerald, the Lipstick Killer, the Starved Rock Murderer, Warren Nutter, the Boston Boy Fiend, bestiality in Missouri, death row poetry, the Kitty Genovese case, and a mid-sentence West Coast road trip for West Virginia’s leading badman… S., featuring the Kissing Point Mutilation Murder, bride purchasing in Denmark, the Man in the Iron Mask, and Ian Brady…Sent on to the grim secure hospital known as J-Ward, part of Melbourne’s Ararat Lunatic Asylum, he remained there until his death, aged 92, on 19 June 1974. So people still wearing their straightjackets would just dunk their heads into the bowls of food.” As for the crime that put him there: the “Skye Tragedy”, as contemporary Australian newspapers referred to the killing, was distressingly banal.All told, that meant that Fossard served out very nearly 71 years inside – and served them in a place that even the notoriously tough Australian criminal Mark “Chopper” Read observed was “a terrible place. Fossard, a former sailor who had jumped ship at Sydney three years earlier, was a vagrant down on his luck when he shot and killed an elderly man named William Ford after Ford turned him away from his home.[9] Jouanna Thiec and the Huguenot connection [10] Listing of all inmates with in excess of 60 years served [11] Methodology, sources and comments Richard Honeck was the subject of significant press interest at the time of his parole.