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An unlimited data plan is recommended for chat room use on Air G.From the chat section, Air G categorizes their chat rooms into three subcategories, each with their own unique niche and audience: Featured Chat Rooms By definition, Air G chat rooms within the Featured Rooms category typically carry the largest number of users on a regular basis.Be our Guest You can browse the chat rooms and watch and listen as our guest here on this page.

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However, when researcher Rebecca Marmor, MD, looked into the impact of online chat rooms on patients’ treatment decisions, Jolie’s name did not appear once.

Listed at the top of the chat room hierarchy, these chat rooms attract the widest variety of personalities with their general topics and are fast-paced with dozens of messages posted every minute.

These rooms are highly recommended for users with a good grasp of how to use Air G chat rooms, and able (or willing) to deal with a larger general audience.

As one of the most popular mobile chat services, Air G offers thousands of chat rooms on its mobile community to cater to users of all regions, interests, and pursuits.

Air G chat rooms require a free account, in addition to mobile Internet access.