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With an Oprah special about it practically every week, and news documentaries and polls, the facts are pretty much right out there for you.

It's like taking candy from a stranger, it's common sense I guess...

The types who would fall prey to an online creep would just as easily be a victim to a creep in real life...

If the topic of internet chat comes up in school, teachers will almost always preach about safety and weirdos and such.

I wasn't able to find any reliable statistics on how often children are victimized using the internet.) -- thus allowing children to verify that screen name Britney Rulez333 does not actually belong to a 45-year-old man. Just as they learn to cross the street without holding an adult's hand, so they need to learn how to wander the internet safely."The value of empowering our children, through education," she concluded, "with the knowledge and critical-thinking skills that they need to be able to assess the every-day situations they will encounter while online cannot be overstressed...And precisely 0 of the 1,501 children said they had been sexually contacted or assaulted due to online solicitations.This seems significant to me, given that 21% of all children -- statistically, hundreds of the children in the phone survey -- are sexually abused (by some definition of the term) before age 18.It goes without saying that this is a desirable goal, as long as it's done in accordance with the Constitution and doesn't interfere with everyone else's legal use of the internet. Real kids are being lured into dangerous relationships over the internet; charges were filed in one more case here in Kalamazoo County just last week.