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, that so-bad-it-was-good teen drama about a bunch of middle/high school students who got into a ludicrous amount of trouble?

Ninth grade dating guide

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D'Ablo, the vampire antagonist of the first book who was assumed dead, returns to attempt to kill Vlad.

Vlad tells Joss about this and he agrees to help look for the vampire that attacked Vlad, together.

Shortly after returning from Siberia and to school, Joss decides to let Vlad in on his secret, that he is a Slayer and has been sent to Bathory to kill a vampire.

At this point Joss still believes Vlad is human and asks that they search for the vampire together.

As they work their way through their Freshman year of high school Joss and Vlad become close friends.

Joss develops a crush on Meredith Brookstone, the girl Vlad is in love with going out with her for one dance due to not having knowledge of Vlads love for Meredith, but does not date her at a later point because of his and Vlad's friendship.

In the beginning of the novel Henry (Vlad's best friend and drudge) and Vlad (the half vampire/half human protagonist of the story) welcome Henry's cousin, Joss, to Bathory.New Student Registration Process: Registration packets for high school-age students NEW to the district may be obtained in the Henry Sibley Guidance Office (C201).The office is open during the school year from a.m.- p.m.It is a continuation of the first book: Eighth Grade Bites.Vladimir Tod (now in high school) faces new problems such as the bullied Edgar Poe trying to prove Vlad is a vampire after Halloween night, the news a slayer is in town, and a mysterious vampire named Jasik hunting him down.Vikas then begins teaching Vlad to use his powers and tells him the story of the Pravus, the fabled half human/half vampire that would rule of Vampire kind and enslave the human race.