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So be sensible and keep your Facebook and other social sites separate from your dating life.

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A recent paper presented at the Annual Conference of the International Communication Association and reported on in the press suggested that when evaluating photographs from online dating profiles, men and women judge enhanced and un-enhanced photos somewhat differently.Enhanced photos, those in which a person has used makeup, hair styling, filters, or post-editing, were rated by both men and women as more being attractive.In the world of online dating, nothing is as it seems.But that doesn’t stop many of us from leaping to the wrong conclusions about people.As a consequence of our biology, the theory goes, women seek loyal partners who can provide resources for them and the potential child.Men, however, value physical attractiveness in a female because good looks (for example, facial symmetry or youthfulness) are the manifestation of healthy genes and serve as signs of fertility.After recording the traits of their ideal partners, speed-daters agreed to go on dates with people who are very much unlike the ideal partner they described.

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People often enter a dating site with some thoughts about the kind of significant other they are seeking, but research shows that people are not actually very accurate when it comes to attraction.Ratings of attractiveness predicted desire to date, but perceived trustworthiness was also a significant predictor of desire to date.Evolutionary motivations are unconscious and operate without our explicit awareness.Despite social norms and the availability of contraceptives, evolutionary theorists believe that innate, instinctual drives to reproduce still govern our behaviour (though others believe this to be too simplistic).Today, more couples are meeting online than ever before.People can deceive others by misrepresenting their physical appearance or their personal narrative.