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He would later appear in the 2015 feature film based on the series.
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I thought that there was just a real innocence to her storytelling that was going to, obviously, serve the script. You know, it’s interesting because the reaction of everyone who has been seeing the movie has been pretty much across the board very positive.A lot of what seems to be the reason for that is that the movie is so light and fresh and there’s a lot of energy and fun. In the Bollywood tradition, one thing about Bollywood that I found is that there’s almost like a naiveté to their films and the themes of love and marriage and romance and whatnot.There was always a temptation to just sort of play him as the cool, charming, sexy leading man.But we decided there was a lot more mileage out of what we considered was serving more of the Jane Austen tradition of the story.On the page I guess he was a lot more straight-laced.And we took that risk of making him arrogant, of making him a bit of a d**k really (laughing).

You’re from New Zealand (Laughing) That kind of blows a hole in that theory. I think she’d been told about me by someone, like her agent or whatever, and then the script was sent to me.

We don’t get to hear you sing and we barely get to see you dance in the film, but you took part in the dance training even for scenes you weren’t involved in. What was your skill level like before making shooting started? Luckily for everyone who goes to see the film, I don’t dance a lot in it (laughing). I think there’s moments where I start really getting into it, I start really trying to feel it, and my teeth come up over my bottom lip and my ass sticks out and my elbows stick out. No, I’m being a little too self-deprecating (laughing). But obviously my character was the most reserved one in the film and didn’t really embrace the Indian culture, so I didn’t have to be very good at it.

Were you trained as a dancer before making this film? I’m like so white I even have like an overbite when I dance. It’s funny I should play a character like that because as soon as we would wrap or the film wasn’t rolling, I’d be dancing around and getting into it.

He becomes a much more sympathetic character than what we maybe would have originally judged him as.

In doing that, hopefully we pushed the whole theme of film – pride and prejudice – that Jane Austen was writing about. Keep going (Laughing) At least that’s what I was trying to do. And I think some people when they first saw they dailies were like, “What’s he doing with the character?