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More » While go Cougar looks different (smart, sleek and fun), they also share a database with Hot or Not, which includes other cougar dating sites like Ageless Love—making it a bit tricky for me to review in this category. Because Hot or Not is a completely different kind of site, more geared towards people wanting a quick interaction, instead of specifically looking for someone to date.

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We deal with the sadness and regret of our own hurtful words and actions.The nostalgic rememberance of shared intimacies, places, laughs and jokes and the emptiness left by the other person's absence, the lack of any closure in a normal relationship, and the smear campaign hurled at us not only by the abusers but those fools they deceive.Over time, this type of abuse erodes your sense of self confidence and self-worth.: The abuser plays on your fear, guilt, compassion, values, or other “hot buttons” to get what they want.This could include threats to end the relationship, the “cold shoulder,” or use other controlling fear tactics.: The other person may deny that certain events occurred or that certain things were said. The other person may deny your perceptions, memory and very sanity.You must remain hypervigilant, waiting for the other person’s next outburst or change of mood.: The other person places unreasonable demands on you and wants you to put everything else aside to tend to their needs.

once upon a time i thought he hung the moon....i woke to this lonely lonely lost!: Our abuser is sweet one minute and raging out of control with bizarre behaviour the next. Never stay where there is potential for physical violence -- get out fast. A calm demeanour, proof and documentation are crucial to success. This is our best opportunity to learn why we may have allowed ourselves to remain in abusive situations.If ever there was a situation where we can't see the forest for the trees, this is it. Having that documentation to refer to keeps us refocused on our decision.. We all need to accept ownership of the mistakes we may have made along the way. You will progress through stages of recovery and grief.This behavior is damaging because it puts you always on edge.You’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop, and you can never know what’s expected of you.The reality of their lack of conscience is incomprehensible as we grapple with the realization that someone we loved is incapable of loving us in return. The shock of this new knowledge and reality that we're in love with someone with a mental disorder who can instantly and completely delete us from their memory and attach to a new 'supply source' and appear happier without us is very emotionally painful.