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Now, does that sound like a wild and satisfying sex life to you?

" My wife and I looked at each other and grinned as if to say, "That was a little more information than we expected." Kathy jokingly said "Scoot over here; at least I can give you a hug." Keeping the blanket pulled close to her chest with one arm, she leaned over with her left arm and hugged him saying, "You have your whole life ahead of you stud-man, just stop trying so hard." He chuckled replying, "Easy for you to say, you and Mike can bang each other ten times a day if you like." She laughed and said, "Married people don't have sex ten times a month silly," as she jokingly rolled her eyes at me.

She's not the type to take advantage of kindness and actually he's not the type who even knows he's going overboard for her, but it's so very obvious when he's always trying to please her in everything he does.

First of all he loves hanging out at our home because we never treated him any less because of his age.

I barely plucked the blinds back and sure enough he gave a silly wave and smiled. " Being very comfortable with us he explained, "They locked me out because they are assholes.There are thousands of men who fantasize about their wives having sex with another man, but very few will experience it quite like this.Anyone ever had a younger man just take a liking to your wife? I had become accustomed over the years to men of all ages being overly nice to my wife, and not just because of her sweet disposition either.From the first time he met us, when he was nineteen, he just felt comfortable around us.His mother had been our neighbor for over seventeen years, but he had lived with his biological father until he was nineteen, moving in next door to be closer to the state university and to have more freedom.He didn't even go to his senior prom because his dad put so many restrictions on prom night; he felt it wasn't even worth the effort.