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Suriano broke that promise and if he wants to go to Rutgers, he should lose a year of eligibility or go to a team outside the Big Ten.

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Birthdays are remembered and celebrated, even if the young granddads I know usually find themselves on the balcony, away from the monkey house noise, puffing a Marlboro.But actual childcare, regular, confident and reliable, is undertaken more out of guilt than with enthusiasm. The classic confrontation between grandmother and adult daughter about how best to raise a baby – often stirring up bitter memories about past (real or imagined) neglect – will evaporate.Grandparents often feel that they somehow failed as parents and hope to compensate with the next generation, but confronted with the reality of nappy stench, they flag a little. The authority will rest with the mother of the baby who can, if necessary, fire the Grandma. And Oma and Opa will feel less exploited, less manipulated.The exchange of money sometimes poisons relationships but in this case I think it clarifies matters.

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And, most important, old people themselves are no longer being seen as a separate species in Germany.

It turns out, to the general amazement of urban planners and property developers, that they like human contact, that they have money and indeed are about the only Berliners willing to spend it at the moment.

Have you noticed how old people have been replacing car showrooms on West Berlin’s once-proud boulevard Kurfürstendamm?

Instead of the traditional practice of hiding the aged away in leafy suburban residences – on the spurious grounds that they need to suck in the forest air and hear the twittering of birds to stave off the Grim Reaper – they are living out in the open in the German capital, sandwiched between Kaisers supermarkets and Tchibo shops.