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Get cash back for consolidating your student loans

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As of 2017, the average student loan balance is ,144, and tripping up can bleed into other parts of your financial life, as your track record repaying student loans impacts your credit scores.With student loan consolidation you roll your multiple loans into one larger loan.This would lower the monthly payment and give you money to use on something besides debt.Some students carry five to seven loans that have different deadlines for payments each month.Rates change constantly, and they may be lower than when you took out your loans. This means you would pay less over the life of the loan.Another reason you might get a lower rate is that your credit score may have improved.No longer having to juggle multiple payments is a valuable time saver and stress reducer.It might also help you build stronger credit scores, as on-time debt payments, including student loans, is a significant part of determining your credit scores.

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But you have several student loans, each with its own payment due each month.Chances are, you’re juggling multiple loans taken out in different years or semesters.On average, student loan borrowers have between three and four student loans on their financial plate.You may also be able to benefit from lower loan payments through student loan consolidation, though there are tradeoffs to consider when seeking a lower monthly payment. government, such as Stafford loans, Perkins loans and parent PLUS loans can be consolidated into a Federal Direct Consolidation Loan.Student loan consolidation, which is also called student loan refinancing, comes in two main flavors: Getting schooled on the differences of each option will help you choose the student loan consolidation that makes the most sense for you. You are not permitted to add any private student loans you obtained from a bank or credit union into loans you want to consolidate through the Federal Direct Consolidation Loan program.You will find it less expensive to pay off your current loans instead of tacking on more time and payments.