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“I didn’t want them to be asked why is your mommy brown and daddy white and not have them understand it themselves,” she said in an interview with Lifetime’s celebrity parents blog.“I wanted them to know that they’re the best parts of us put together.A source said they "moved to the front corner table" upon Beauvais' arrival, "which put them on display.""They sat inside for a while and even ordered food," the source continued, adding that they later moved outside.It's possible that, as with Johansson, 50-year-old Penn bonded with the 44-year-old Beauvais over a mutual interest in Haiti. Do I stay because, well, that’s what some women do? My parents split up when I was 3 years old, and I lived with my mother.

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That’s when I discovered my loving husband had been unfaithful. (I did it hours after I found out the truth, and I never expected it to leak to the press.No longer reserved for Barbie Dolls and seven year olds, pink gets serious style status this season!While in previous seasons the runways have favoured dusky pink shades, for Spring 2014 it's all about hot pink, and no one's proved to be more of a dedicated pink lady than Garcelle Beauvais.Then we got onto the conversation about black women dating interracially, and I asked her if she felt that black women face any particular pressure about interracilly dating, and from her experience, she says no.“These days, if you find someone you love and that loves you back, who cares what color he is? I wanted to exit my body like a character in a cartoon. But I still clung to my dream of having an intact family. I realized part of my self-esteem was tied to being a wife.