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The recent news that Mazda continued to develop the rotary, even beyond the expiration of the RX-8 in 2012, gives hope that this adventure is far from over.On a glorious day at Mine, a racing circuit turned test track folded in the mountains near Hiroshima, Mazda gathered many of its rotary heroes. Unfortunately, these included the Speed Racer-esque RX-500 concept from 1970, and a clutch of early-1970s coupes (R100, RX-2, 3 and 4) that first lit the rotary flame for so many Australians.

My first thought is that it’s remarkable such a number were summoned so easily: barely 1500 were ever built, half a century ago, in a country that spent most of the intervening decades being the model for disposable society.

Company boss Matsuda personally drove one from Hiroshima to the Tokyo Motor Show 850km away.

The production version of this low-slung, dart-shaped Cosmo Sports coupe would take another three years – after comprehensive testing of 80 prototypes, 60 of them in customer hands.

Matsuda and his team recognised that the rotary’s compactness, efficiency and mechanical minimalism had the potential to change the automotive industry.

What they were shown at NSU in 1960 certainly made it appear so.