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Les médecins, appelés à son chevet, parlent de « langueur » sans pouvoir émettre de diagnostic plus précis.
Ieder jaar worden er bijzondere evenementen georganiseerd, waarvan het straattheaterfestival in juli, het stadsfeest in september en de fietsvierdaagse in juli de belangrijkste zijn.

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He mocks the way that prosecuting attorneys use witnesses to prove their side of the story, while still respecting it, taking it on as his own way in allowing the MCs to state their cases in order to prove how the police department is focused on young black minorities, assuming that they are all drug dealers and are looking to rob or murder (see Criminal stereotype of African Americans).At the end, Dre finds the policeman guilty of being a "redneck, white bread, chickenshit motherfucker." The song provoked the FBI to write to N. A's record company about the lyrics expressing disapproval and arguing that the song misrepresented police. A's trademark inflammatory lyrics, stood out in particular from many of the songs on Straight Outta Compton."Fuck tha Police" is a protest song by the rap group N. A that appears on the album Straight Outta Compton as well as on the N. Protesting police brutality and racial profiling, its lyrics express approval of violence against police. It was ranked number 417 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.Blastin' "Fuck tha Police" while you're getting pulled over by the police is just ign'ant." Jason Mewes' character Jay sings the song after having an incident with the police in the 2001 movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.In 2007, English comedian Adam Buxton performed a 'cleaned up' version of the song, entitled 'Help the Police', as part of the BBC3 sketch show Rush Hour. Officer" specifically referenced "Fuck tha Police," but in a much more literal sense (i.e., having sex with the police).Some English-speaking countries censor it on television and radio.Andrea Millwood Hargrave's 2000 study of the attitudes of the British public found that fuck was considered the third most severe profanity and its derivative motherfucker second. According to linguist Pamela Hobbs, "notwithstanding its increasing public use, enduring cultural models that inform our beliefs about the nature of sexuality and sexual acts preserve its status as a vile utterance that continues to inspire moral outrage." Hobbs considers users rather than usage of the word and sub-divides users into 'non-users', for whom the word "evokes the core sexual meanings and associated sexual imagery that motivate the taboo", and 'users' for whom "metaphorical uses of the word fuck no more evoke images of sexual intercourse than a ten-year-old’s ‘My mom’ll kill me if she finds out’ evokes images of murder," so that the "criteria of taboo are missing." Because of its increasing usage in the public forum, in 2005 the word was included for the first time as one of three vulgarities in The Canadian Press's Canadian Press Caps and Spelling guide.

Especially controversial were the areas of the song that appear to condone violence towards police authorities; lines such as "I'm a sniper with a hell of a scope/Taking out a cop or two, they can't cope/with me" and "A sucka in a uniform waitin' to get shot/by me, or anotha nigga" directly reference the murder of police officers. Double G's, and the group that said 'Motherfuck the police'? He also made a more subtle reference to the song in his single Still D. E., where he states he's "Still not loving police." Kanye West alludes to the song in his single "All Falls Down", "I say 'fuck the police', that's how I treat 'em".The Big Sean/Eminem collaboration “No Favors” has been getting some hysterical attention for Marshall Mathers seeming to suggest he’d like to engage in sexual relations with right-wing pundit and human scarecrow Ann Coulter.The objections have centred around the tools that the megastar-MC would like to use in the encounter.Answer: because the right-to-lifers wanted everyone to see what an abortion looks like up close.” With “No Favors”, it took a matter of weeks until one of biggest non-boomer names in American pop music decided to charge up the anti-Trump troops.Hopefully, that’s just the first of many shots across Mr. In an era where record sales aren’t what they used to be, and artists live or die by the number of people who show up for concerts, there’s a lot to lose by announcing you aren’t going to rally ’round the flag.Journalists were advised to refrain from censoring the word but use it sparingly and only when its inclusion was essential to the story.