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Throughout Pacific Island Nations, fruit flies have: (1) limited the development of a diversified tropical fruit and vegetable industry; (2) required that commercial fruits undergo quarantine treatment prior to export; and (3) provided a breeding reservoir for their introduction into other parts of the world due to unprecedented travel and trade between countries.Three invasive (Hendel) (1983)), have been devastating to Hawaiian agriculture for over 100 years and have been studied extensively [3].Thirty-two natural enemies were released between 19 [11].parasitism (65%–70%), and has remained the dominant parasitoid species [15,16].

Since 2014, badges have appeared as a possible reward.Originally established in Hawaii around 1948, , also introduced into Hawaii in 1948, has been released in six countries with establishment confirmed in three countries (Figure 2b, Table 1).Throughout the Pacific region parasitism rates have varied depending on parasitoid species ( was established in Hawaii in 1916 and has been released and established in the Northern Mariana Islands (starting in 1950) and the Solomon Islands (in 1997) [23].Clearly, given the success of fruit fly biological control in Hawaii, a wealth of information was generated that can apply to other areas throughout the Pacific and the world.Although no parasitoids were deliberately introduced to control on Tahiti Island over ca. Starting in 2002, 10 parasitoid shipments from Hawaii, over 500,000 insects, were dispersed in two major locations and 10 minor locations around Tahiti Island.This basic protocol was recently described in a video-article [36], in an effort to facilitate the adaption of these methods in other parts of the world.