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Formerly called the regular or full 203(k) and the streamline 203(k), they're now called the standard 203(k) and the limited 203(k).
Fran Handford was a retired schoolteacher who sat in a rocking chair, smoking long white cigarettes with shaky hands and listening to public radio.

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Since we don't know the cost of those new lenseswe don't even know the costs for Canon or Nikon lenses (don't say anything even if you happen to know).we know their prices and distributions on the chart of angle of view and aperture size, which gives good predictions for similar lenses for the 35mm-format. an issue might be that the Nikon 70-200/4VR is too expensive at the moment.When they ask what equipment I used to shoot, they are stunned to find out what it came from.Didn't matter to them, though, they just loved my picture. all this talk about equivalence and nobody even posted the equivalent fl and f-stop for APS, the only valid format for comparison since there are no full frame mirrorless.The closest to the 43mm f/1.2 is the Sony 50mm f/1.8, and that's too short to be a proper portrait lens on APS and slower to boot. OM-D has higher sensor score on Dx OMark than current or past Canon APS-C cameras. lol Apart from the 43 f/1.2 and 75mm f/2.8, there's also the 12-35mm f/2.8 constant zoom.All anybody has in the ~200mm APS range is a bunch of slow superzooms. Otherwise you'd be rebutting with actual lenses rather than this nonsensical [email protected] You talk about using Canon 70-200/4 on APS-C vs. So basically you would recommend using slower, much bulkier FF lens for no real IQ benefit at [email protected] Shiftyou are not saying that the 4/3" is sh! APS only needs f/3.6 to match f/2.8 but does APS mirrorless even have a f/3.6 constant normal zoom? Bet lots of Sony and Samsung shooters are wishing they can screw the 12-35mm f/2.8 on their camera indeed...But those lenses have to go on a body, and that bit I mentioned about wafer yields means that m43 bodies will *always* have a built-in cost savings.

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That means the whole ISO multiplier is out the window too – instead of 100 vs. 300-something, and for a 36 MP camera, it’s 100 vs. Yes, m43 sacrifices resolution, but I would wager most m43 users have absolutely no need for anything beyond 12 MP, let alone 16.

te and suddenly there comes a hero to save the system right? I know of no technology used for 4/3" cannot be used on APS-C sensors. I know of no technology used for 4/3" cannot be used on APS-C sensors. I think the panny 42.5 f/1.2 will be expensive; but I believe canon's 85 f/1.8 is much better than the panny's because of shallower Do F and its pricing Well, but GX1 42.5 is still much smaller and lighter than 6D 85 f/1.8so it's a trade offfor portrait; FF is still the best systemfor landscape; m43 is the way to go! DOF at 1.8 may be, but what if the panny is razor sharp at 1.4 and the canon has to stop down to match it?

you don't build a system on a single sensor or some funny noise reduction algorithm. There is no best system for anything, even cell phone can take amazing photos.[cont'd]So perhaps it’s time to stop criticizing people for being uninformed about their purchasing decisions and listen to what everyone here is saying: that they have different needs, and that there are actually compelling reasons for some people (granted, not you, perhaps) to choose m43 over 35mm.

NFC (Near Field Communication) allows you to tap the phone against a compatible smartphone and that transfers all the information the phone needs to agree a Wi-Fi connection, making it quick and easy to do Is no-one going to mention the advantages of MORE depth of field in low light conditions with the latest m FT systems?

f2.4 on an FF is often as good as it gets for sharpness and getting what you actually want in the area in focus. I have a Nikon FX camera, 14-24mm, 50, 70-200mm and my Olympus E-M5, 14mm, 20mm, 30mm, and a lousy zoom that I rarely touch.