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After the woman-turned-man and his male partner decided to have a baby, he interrupted his hormonal sex correction treatment to try to get pregnant.

"It is possible to take a break during hormone therapy in order to have a child, so in principle, some other couple may have already done the same during the gender reassignment process," Maarit Huuska, senior social worker at the Transgender Support Center of Finland's LGBTI advocacy organization Seta, said.

It falls short of the liberating, subversive power of Laaksonen's best work, and only skims the surface of the repressive political context that made it so necessary.

But Karukoski's film is still a worthy and humane homage to one of Finland's more unorthodox national heroes.

His instantly recognizable work is well-hung in prestigious galleries, including MOMA in New York, and has even been celebrated on Finnish postal stamps.

chronicles Laaksonen's life in a thoughtful if conventional manner, with a lightly sanitized tone that feels oddly ill-suited to its protagonist's own supercharged porno-fascistic reveries.

A lethal confrontation with a handsome Russian paratrooper leaves him with a lifelong guilt complex while also, the film teasingly suggests, cementing his idealized vision of male beauty.

But Laaksonen, who found belated fame under the alias Tom of Finland, is now globally respected as a pioneer of homoerotic iconography and a highly skilled artist in his own right.A.-based publisher Doug (Seumas Sargent), leading to belated commercial success in the 1970s and 1980s.Laaksonen starts spending more time in California, where the hypermasculine gay subculture that he helped create comes into full bloom just as the AIDS crisis explodes, plunging him into tortuous guilt over his complicity in the epidemic.Karukoski and Bardy are also surprisingly coy about depicting both male nudity and gay sex, which are out-and-proud in the drawings reproduced onscreen, but marginal within the drama itself.Laaksonen's controversial interest in Nazi soldiers, who provided some of his early erotic experiences, has also been carefully erased from the story.suffers from minor pacing and structural issues, lingering too long on Laaksonen's episodic early development before finally making a jarring leap forward to his late-blooming fame.