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Feeddemon not updating

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So I had to update that, which required updating my Microsoft SQL 2000 database software to the newer Microsoft SQL 2005 version.Not impossible, and actually it took absolutely no time.Subscribe now to my blog RSS feed or the Geekzone RSS feed. You can use our Geekzone Forums for community discussions on technical issues. If you want to contact me, please use this page or email me [email protected] Inside your organisation you will be able to share attention data between users - and extract a lot of information about the feeds in use.The new reporting feature is great for IT admins, people managing attention data within the organisation and marketing specialists "managing" your company's presence on the Internet."Locations" can only be created against feeds in "My Folders", and is not relevant to feeds in "My Clippings", so had to subscribe to my own clipping feed, create a "Location" with this single feed in it, and enable "Headlines".

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My next idea was to use a NGES feature called "Headlines".

Back in November 2005 I posted a full News Gator Enterprise Server (NGES) 1.0 review on Geekzone, and since then I have been using Feed Demon as my preferred tool for RSS reading, synchronising to my NGES server here at home.

I also have the mobile location enabled on this server, so I can read my RSS feeds on the go, from any mobile browser.

At the end it worked, and here are some of my findings through the process.

First, Feed Demon 2.5 requires NGES 2.0 and up - and I was running NGES 1.4.