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She also confessed that she didn’t like how she and Robert were turned into characters and placed into a comic book because some people had a hard time separating them from their character in the film series.

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Many turn to the Internet, where anecdotal evidence reigns supreme on help sites like and Yahoo! Yet, there are plenty of resources such as out there that offer up accurate information and anonymous forums for honest conversation without consequence.Support and Inclusion While sexuality education is a key part of the foundation for sex positivity in Fayetteville, there are also a significant amount of local resources and support groups.“From my understanding, just from my own personal experiences prior to coming to college, the information has been warped and shaped by abstinence only education in high school,” said Aisling Thornton, the group’s president.“It’s almost a little late on the jump to give college kids sex education, but we just want to have that open dialogue in a safe space that they didn’t previously have access to.” Religious Influence As a child growing up in a Catholic household in Fayetteville, Joseph Reagan said sexuality was nothing you talked about.In one case, a teacher just showed a video for sex ed and moved on.

“The conservative religious movement in our area, being in the belt of the bible belt, had an incredible inhibitory effect for broaching the subject,” he said.Local school boards decide whether or not to teach sex ed, which subjects this education must cover and the grade level in which topics are introduced.Yet, if sexuality education is taught, then abstinence must be covered and stressed as the only completely effective protection against unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV/AIDS. Additionally, Arkansas received 9,862 in federal funds for abstinence-only-until-marriage programs in 2010, all according to policy data from the Guttmacher Institute.“Maybe like a lot of other people, the word was not uttered,” he said.“The subject wasn’t approached.” After returning to Fayetteville as a parent after starting a family in the more liberal Boulder, Co., Reagan said he found the Nancy Reagan “just say no” mentality and abstinence-only culture to be poor quality and negative.“It’s one thing to be sex positive about heterosexual, monogamous conventional sex, and another thing entirely to be sex positive about an entire spectrum of sexuality,” said Laura Weiderhaft, co-host of “Lean Back,” a feminist podcast.