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Keith lurches onto his side and vomits bile onto the metal floor plates. He brushes the sticky hair from his eyes with one shaking hand and freezes, staring cross-eyed at the pure white strands. He smiles briefly at the thought, his eyes shifting to the sandy shore spreading out like a blanket from the edge of the tree-line to where Keith is leisurely strolling its length. A spy who's spent years working his way into Zarkon's inner circle. And his growing interest in the Champion, a prisoner by the name of Shiro, isn't helping matters.

Eclipse 3 2 2 updating No profile sex

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You may find this alternative approach helpful when Eclipse can't reach the update site, which is the case behind some firewalls.

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21, anyone looking to view the rare phenomenon will need a pair of special eclipse glasses to avoid the harmful effects of staring directly at the sun.

(Coffee Script plugin works fine with Eclipse 4.3.0 platform.) Check for updates" should work.

You will be notified about updates if you have "Automatic Updates" enabled in Preferences.

Start with a compatible version of Eclipse (available from

Since Groovy-Eclipse relies on Eclipse's Java tooling (the JDT), almost any flavor of Eclipse that includes the JDT will be compatible.