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We are here to offer some social venues, support, medical updates, a venting ground and emotional hugs when needed. Raleigh Triangle Herpes & HPV Support Group strives to not only be a social network for our members but also a group that promotes Support and Education rather than ignorance.

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Some people told him I was trying to trick him and that he should ignore me. God had changed my heart and I was committed, no matter what happened between us in the future, to never go back to being that bitter woman I had been before.” “Sharon, I hate to tell you this,” she said, “but for the first time, I prayed for Don. Oh how I love Him — He is the God of second chances.

I had never prayed for him before, but now I pray for him all the time.” Jona lost 100 pounds and gained a beautiful glowing countenance. More than the change in her physical appearance, the glow of Jesus Christ shone through her radiant face. “Because now I see you through God’s eyes,” she explained. Dear friends, Jona has so graciously allowed me to tell you her story because she has decided that she will do anything to help one woman not make the same mistakes she has made.

I had rejected Don with my words, my appearance, and my withdrawal of physical touch.” Whether or not God could salvage the marriage, Jona made a commitment that she would allow God to salvage her.

“Deep down, I wanted him to be God and to fulfill all my needs. When my mother died in 1993, I sank into a clinical depression. And even though I had two children by this time, I withdrew from being a mom, as well as being a wife. I went from 140 pounds to 240 pounds.” “Don and I had the perfect engagement, a beautiful wedding, and a fantasy honeymoon. ” “Don changed jobs about every other year, however, he always provided for our needs. ” Now friends, the next part of the story is what Dr. While the divorce was final, God was only just beginning to work on Jona’s heart.

By their second anniversary, Don quit his job to start his own business.

Life was clicking along at a steady pace toward acquiring the American Dream.

Don had a strong faith in God, a good job, a college degree, drive, and dreams for the future.

Immediately, she knew he was exactly what she had always dreamed of in a husband.