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Seamus Coleman’s replacement is still a work in progress at international level - 6 Shane Duffy - A threat from set-pieces when he made his way forward, Duffy will have a more significant role to play when he comes up against a more ambitious attacking team in Wales on Monday night.

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He learns of Bruce’s identity and reluctantly has to assume the mantle (same theme, carrying on Dent’s image in DK). 25, 2011 – The 6-minute preview of TDKR probably won’t be like the “leaked” description (could be, couldn’t be, I simply don’t know). However, if TDKR is to parallel Batman Begins, but to tell Bane’s origin, then it will be a young Talia and Bane in the opening sequence. Maybe there’s somekind of kidnapping going on: mad scientists snatching up children from villages for their mad experiments.

This is like those movies where some average Joe is clutching a dying man only to learn that the dying man is a secret agent. Beat cop.” Blake: “I’m a part of this whether you like it or not. ” Bruce: “I can stop you.” Blake (to Alfred): “Hang this male stripper’s uniform next to the Batsuit, where it belongs.” Nov. They take Talia and Bane, drop them into those pits.

Bane will use that on his victims, which will make him seem enormous.

Remember how Scarecrow saw Batman as a black demon spewing oil?

Until we learn some more, join your local League of Shadows chapter. Remember, where there’s good, evil shall rise to combat those pansies! But now that the trailer is set to be officially released in maybe a few days, WB don’t care. Er, I mean, Bania.” Man, I should be writing comedies for money, dig? Kinsolving’s foster parents read like Larry The Cable Guy was Ned Flanders. Bruce Wayne plays an undercover geezer like Monty Python on crack. Proyas gave it a more “commercial” look than how I think it was suppose to be. I’ve always wondered how comic book writers come up with new gimmicks. Siegel and Shuster thought a man in red underoos was awe-inspiring.

They got you on the fishing hook and you already swallowed. I could do an early frame-by-frame analysis of the trailer, but that might lead into some major spoilerage. All in all, I suppose it’s easier to visualize when the artists already have it drawn out. No doubt, James Cameron might have been influenced by the book with Terminator. But what do these have anything to do with Dark Knight Rises? The name Bane could be an combination of Bruce Wayne, and it also looks typographically like Batman. O’Barr thought a rocker in makeup represented vengeance. a cyborg with an Olympian’s physicque sent from the future to protect a child who is destined to be a war leader? 30, 2011 – If Nolan’s playing the story realistically, Bruce might be permanently handicapped.

I just don’t think Nolan will “ruin” his resume by putting a Nightwing or Robin into his “last” career film.

If that’s not the case, then there won’t be any heightened drama.

His homies rush him to this doc and the only way to fix the pain is to do some nerve surgery on his spine and rig him up to fear toxin via mask. Remember that clip of Gordon and a handful of cops approaching a sewage drain cautiously?Such is with some sneaky “fan-made” posters that just got posted, right down to the schlocky Photoshopping. This is when you notice a jump to the future, and leaves the possibility open for Batman Beyond (which is an official possibility since Nolan has claimed to take any future Batman projects under his bat wing). 22, 2011 – Updated “limited” edition Empire cover of Bane. So perhaps the earlier leaked description of those 7 minutes are accurate?BTW, does anyone love American Ninja (aka American Warrior)? Will it be worth watching Sherlock Holmes 2 or just waiting till it hits the Interwebs? 29, 2011 – Haven’t updated this post in a while, simply because there wasn’t anything worth “reporting”. I think Christopher Judge is playing the Venom Bane. Think back to when the script was in its initial stages, floating around Hollywood called “Batman: Intimidation Game”.So there it is again, possible parallel of “falling and rising”. Notice that that “leaked” footage wasn’t close enough to tell whether or not that’s Christian Bale.Could have been Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the bat-suit (possible ending). That would mean, in cinema-wise type storytelling, that John Blake stumbles onto Batman right after Bane breaks him. It opens with a young Rachel and Bruce playing and Bruce falls into a well. Just as we are to believe Selina Kyle is the villain from the start who turns good, there has to be a foil that in contrast shows JGL as a reliable, very honest cop who reveals his true colors by the end of the film.