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I approached my girlfriend in English and today I am happy that I did. All that matters is that you don’t try to impress her with your cultural knowledge.When it comes to dating Asian women, a lot of white guys get overly enthusiastic and think that a traditional approach will work wonders. If there is one thing that a traditional Asian woman is sick and tired, it is a Caucasian man who tries to act Asian. I have a lot of experience dating traditional Asian women and they absolutely love direct compliments. It’s great if you are an Asia expert, but that doesn’t mean that you have to shove it in her face all the time. Not many white guys can do what I can do with these things. She won’t be mad at you when you don’t use the chopsticks.Talking dirty is not only an art, but also a risky business. Don’t do it when you are dating a traditional Asian woman.If you do it wrong, she will remember you as the creep. Going for the kiss in public is one of the most prominent mistakes that guys make.That’s why I put together the following list of life-saving tips for dating traditional Asian women.

If there is only one thing that you take away from this article, then please let it be this: Skip the chili and don’t risk spending your first date on the toilet, just because you wanted to prove something. To be honest, I have never seen a traditional Asian girl chewing like a bear while resting her elbow on the table, but maybe I just met the right girls.Just be careful that you don’t use it for something else until you are in a private environment.Various ethno-dating websites cater to the needs of Latinos, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Blacks, Jews and Arabs, yet dating sites exclusively for Whites are almost non-existent.Remember, my girlfriend is Thai and I didn’t pay for her food on our first date.In fact, this is one of my most important dating rules: Not paying on the first date keeps the gold diggers away.If you do it right, she will probably end up in bed with you. That’s why you need to be careful with the dirty talk. Whenever I see this in Bangkok, I feel sorry for the girl.