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In my opinion, the fact that the answer makes more sense than alternative answers disables the test from revealing how an individual thinks (because the answer they arrive at is constrained by logic - you can't answer the question in an optimistic way unless you're either a.) not being very observant, or b.) your fear of the potential implications of having answered the question correctly is influencing the way you think about it.) On top of that, the test is called "psychopath" test: this alone tells you that in order to answer the question correctly, you need to assume that the motive is somewhat disturbing.

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What you still date / stay with them even though they could not be around for 6months in a war zone and may not come home?

When you get the feeling that things are going to get messy, run to the bathroom or look for the nearest bucket or garbage can, not his brand new Sperry’s.Save yourself the embarrassment and change your relationship status in real life before you do it on the Internet. You find out his class schedule and dress up really cute, always making sure you take the same route as he does. But chances are he will start to notice a shadow in his path. When he finds out this shadowy figure is you, he will catch on and tell his friends about the creepy girl who is always following him.He will then change his route and avoid you in any way possible.It sucks that she’s one of the prettiest girls on campus and knows how to work a crowd, but don’t be intimidated by this.If you give her a dirty look, she’ll most likely relay this message to your crush, and next time you run into him on campus you’ll be the one getting a dirty look.It’s something that should be saved for longer down the road—think after numerous dates, hook-ups, and PDAs. If he gets freaked out by this, do not even think about inviting him to your cousin’s first birthday party.