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Man A: Slightly nervous, but it's also one of those things where, if the "why" is great enough, the "how" and "what" get really easy. You start thinking yourself into feeling tenderness or pain or lumps or whatever.

But I'm very much a mind-over-matter kind of person and it's worked out.

Put ice on the area and lay in bed for the next 36 hours. The procedure was painless and I was fully healed after about five days. I could sit at the desk with a bag of frozen peas and continue as per normal. I can't actually remember how long it was before we had sex.

Since I have a mostly sedentary job, it didn't affect things at all. What I do know, however, is that whatever it was [we were supposed to wait], we went early by a day. That first ejaculation, though, I remember being a bit of a moment — like I thought my balls would explode or something.

We didn't get married until 21 and 19, respectively. Man C: Yes, I was married when I underwent the procedure.

I wore compression shorts to make sure nothing was bouncing around when exercising and was very careful. I love our kids and [am] happy with our family size. It was an easy procedure and I am happy with the results. I knew basically everything there was to know about it. My wife told me it would be fine but any time there is any type of procedure “down there,” most guys get a little nervous. I didn't feel anything but I was surprised by the smell. So, I've told my wife that when we've reached a certain annual income threshold, I'll get it reversed if she still wants another one because then I'll know my career can run itself and the family won't suffer. There's no barrier between me and her, which of course, feels a lot better — both physically and emotionally.

Man B: Nope, our kids are almost 2 and 5 years old, and we couldn’t be any happier with them. Man C: No, I don't have plans to have any more children so I would never get my vasectomy reversed. We figure that since we're open to the idea of having kids now anyway and may reverse the vasectomy in the future, if it happens, it happens.

Rest assured, everything came out great, if you'll pardon the pun.

Man B: I had it done on a Thursday and went back to work on Monday.