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I've been asked out on a date by soneone in my gym. I've been on a couple of dates with guys from my gym.I have a don't mix work and play rule with work and can't decide if I should apply it to the gym! If you did and then it didn't work out did it end up awkward? It never went anywhere but there isn't any hard feeling when I see them.

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It is a fact universally acknowledged that both women and men desire men who are muscular and who have well shaped bodies.Chanel Jansen, the girlfriend of the bodybuilder who met his demise last Aug.25, finally set the record straight on what actually happened that led to Piana's death.FWIW I met my current boyfriend on the subway on my way to get an MRI. I just smile and say hi like I would with anyother person and continue with my training like usual. IMO any guy I would ever consider dating would have to be into weightlifting and it's rare to meet them outside of the gym.Needed a seat, asked if I could have the one next to him. Five minutes of commiseration about bodybuilding and sports injuries later, he got my #. People are intersted in other people with their same interests so it's bound to happen every once in a while if that's where you spend all your free time. Surely there would have to be a few who aren't douche canoes? Bf now has never stepped into a gym and he's a lot more supportive!!