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That being said, I would not discount the experience: a large percentage of my travels would have been indescribably less rewarding without it.My good experiences did outweigh my bad ones; it really depends on your judgement, your budget and your willingness to balance openness with caution, which is a tricky art.

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Learning to read people takes time and practice, and that really is the key to successful couchsurfing.Plan well ahead – finding a decent host, like anything else worthwhile, can take a lot of legwork.With thousands of registered couchsurfers, sifting the genuine from the opportunistic is hard work, and takes a keen eye and hard-won experience. Girls have previously written about their CS experiences here and here, both of which have great things to say about it. While I have made some great friends through the process, I’ve found that the larger it became, the less trustworthy and it was simply less work to find a cheap hostel to stay in, without the worry.If a hacker has access to your Couchsurfing-related email, they can use it to reset your password and gain access to your account. We conduct all of our support in writing in order to keep a record of your experience and our response.This allows us to review your interaction with us so that we can ensure the best possible service. We will not discuss your specific issue with anyone outside of the Trust and Safety Team unless we need to work with law enforcement or obtain legal advice.The vast majority of Couchsurfing experiences are not only safe, but outright life changing.