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Samples below: Richmond Hill, GA: As of writing this they currently place us at 271GB of 300GB (according to their online meter) used for the month of September.

However, our Free BSD router tracks the total data used (outgoing or incoming) on WAN and only reports a total of ~147.054GB (139.93GB DL / 7.12GB UL)Cumming, GA: On 9/30 around PM EDT I checked my Xfinity data usage meter.

The young man’s father wrote to Ars Technica about the bill, and that’s where the saga begins.

Over the course of several months, Ars spoke repeatedly with the customers and Comcast to try to find out what was going on.

[Comcast claims it uses Universal Time for metering, but does not disclose this anywhere on its website.]Atlanta, GA: Last month Comcast added an additional 0 to my bill, which is double the total for my entire bundled package for an overage they claim is upwards of 1000GB, which is frankly grossly outrageous and bordering on ridiculous.

I finished my download and went to bed only to find the next day my October meter said I had used 22GB already.Many of those 2,000-odd complaints have similar-sounding issues, despite being situated in different geographic areas.(Note: We avoided entries with identical wording to eliminate obvious astroturfing).Over the past few months, Comcast has begun enforcing data caps in certain test markets, while simultaneously offering customers in some of these areas the option to buy “actually unlimited” data for a fee.New data from several sources suggests that the company’s own usage metering is fundamentally flawed, and may be tracking usage based on incorrect information.And while media attention got Comcast to reverse the charges and halt collection on the absurdly high bill, every stone Ars turned over just resulted in more questions about Comcast’s usage meter.