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For years, the OFT have been keeping a close eye on health and fitness clubs with specific reference to the fairness of their gym membership contracts.

Typically, consumers have been required to sign agreements which commits them to a 12 month minimum term, which absolutely ties them in to making the monthly payments for that period.

Many consumers have complained that gyms will not release you from this obligation under any circumstances, even in cases of serious illness, redundancy or relocation.

Other complaints relate to long notice periods for cancellation and disproportionately high cancellation penalties.

It is claimed to have the efficiency of 99% if used within five days of vaginal intercourse.

As with all methods of contraception there are a few side effects and complications associated with the use of an intrauterine device.

In addition it provides continuous protection from pregnancy for five or twelve years, depending on the type of a device.

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First of all it is a device of high efficiency in protecting from pregnancy.

We have seen that some of the points above, although dubious are not necessarily unlawful.

However, the following are are unfair terms and have been recognised as such as a result of the OFT’s investigation: In addition to the identification of unfair clauses, the OFT recognise that you may not have had the opportunity or the know how to read and fully understand the contract you are asked to sign.

A copper containing intrauterine device can cause a harder and more intense bleeding during menstrual period.

Although rarely, but to some women this could cause anemia.