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To avoid detection further, the Shake It Off star has been jetting back and forth using her private jet and had security keeping her out of sight at all times.
Whether you’re still dating or have taken the plunge into marriage, your first anniversary is a momentous occasion, marking an entire year of memories and growth in your relationship.

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This is a fraud for sure and I don't know what to do to stop it. Hi, I am also in Australia and have ordered the Acai Power Blast and the Power Colon Cleanse.

My credit card was debited for .34 twice, once for APB and once for PCC. When you agree to accept the 14 day trial, the Terms and conditions specify that when you order the risk-free trial of Acai Power Blast your credit card will be charged .95 shipping and handling (US dollars of course).

I also saw somewhere that someone said the phone numbers are fake, they aren't - you just need to put the correct overseas codes in front of the phone numbers.

If you are enjoying Acai Power Blast, do nothing, and at the end of the 14 day trial period you will be charged .95 (again US dollars) for the trial bottle you received.Some people are just too quick to judge, and some just don't read terms and conditions, while others believe it is something for FREE. Tess If you wish to discontinue with the product you can send an email to [email protected] can be found at this helps anyone caught in the situation they weren't fully understanding. I live in Australia and same thing happened to me as well..Well, it is a free trial, meaning you can trial it for 14 days before you have to pay for it - it does not mean you will get it for FREE. i have been charged 3 different amounts in my credit , & 5..i dnt know why the hell they have charged me so many times and even we cant contact i have received the 30 day trial and i want to return it back..I cancelled with in the week because I drive over-the-road and knew I wouldn't even GET the product to try it out for at least 3 or 4 weeks.They sent me an email saying I had to return the bottle unopened or I could purchase at a discounted rate of .Maansi Maybe your provider was just a fraudulent copy cat?