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During a certain period, I was unable to manage my studies and co-curricular activities which is what damaged my performance report.

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Lately, he has taken more of an interest in streaming, and plans to take the stream part time come November when he will begin streaming 30 hours a week.His streams focus on three fundamental points: Entertainment, Acceptance, and Charity.

He then went on to host his own show on the network, Voices of Vana’diel.

Didn’t you mention something about other posts on the site earlier? Our goal is to have content posted to the site regularly, even if it’s not a new episode of LBR: R.

Eskalia is planning on a weekly editorial, and more things will continue to pop up as our hosts get settled in. I am one of the hosts and lead producer of Limit Break Radio.

When Final Fantasy XI declined to the point of not being able to sustain a show anymore, he began bouncing around from show to show until disappearing into seclusion after the third episode of Double Dragoon.

After 23 years living as a hermit in the mountains of Tibet, he emerged, ready to podcast once more.